Our Community: We're Involved, Present and Proud

Added: 02/01/2018

This week is not much different from my usual work week - busy, busy, busy. Client meetings during the day, community events in the evening while keeping up with my high school daughter's busy schedule and of course making sure my husband is on board! 

As I was rushing off to take a call with a client (while running late to pick up my daughter), knowing my day was not over yet, someone asked me, "Why do you do so much? Why do you need to participate in all these community events?" I started to ramble off an automatic response, but I hestitated. I thought about how easy my life would be if I simply stopped showing up to all these different events and I came to a realization that seems so obvious to most - it's just not who I am. I do what I do because I love it! It's who I am and woven into my DNA. In fact, it's part of the genetic makeup that makes up all of us here at Solsken. 

We are in the communications business because we love what we do and believe strongly that we're making a difference. To truly make an impact, you have to give back, and we at Solsken believe firmly in giving back to the community. We don't do it because we are being compensated for our time, we do it because we're able to leverage our working relationships to ensure non-profit groups and the underserved Asian communities have a voice and their needs are met. 

This week alone, I participated in Covered California's 5th open enrollment, supporting our community in Sacramento and statewide to sign up for much needed health coverage and celebrating its success of reducing California's uninsured rate. This was truly gratifying and it was an honor to attend. This makes what I do worth it. It is the knowing that I can be part of a milestone movement that will ensure all Californians have access to the medical services they need. 

Following that event, my evening was spent supporting two important organizations in California: Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) and the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus. Attending a celebration hosted at the beautiful Sutter Club in Sacramento, we welcomed more than 200 elected officials and community leaders, and thanked corporate sponsors - some of which are our clients - as we continue to promote civic engagement across the nation for the Asian community. 

And the week isn't quite over yet. 

Winding the week down, I'm looking forward to spending more time with my daughter, even if its just helping her complete her homework. And I do this gladly and proudly. I am proud of what I do every, single day. Family is very important. And marketing, advertising and communications is more than just ensuring that our clients are meeting their bottom line. For me and everyone at Solsken, it's also about being part of a community that is growing and thriving together. We love helping our clients stay informed, connect with important community leaders (such as Senator Pan), get involved in meaningful community projects and give back to build a stronger tomorrow.