Our Projects are Our Passion, Really

Added: 10/13/2015

Making the transition from broadcast media to public relations has its pros and cons. While I miss broadcast media at times, what I get to witness on a daily makes it worthwhile. I get to say, without a doubt, that at Solsken, we mix our clients’ projects with our passion and everyone gets involved.

This month, we celebrate Mental Health month as a nation. The week of October 4-10 was Mental Health Awareness Week.   Here in California, hundreds of advocates came together to create awareness in their homes and communities to demonstrate their support for California's mental health movement, Each Mind Matters.  For the past three years, the Solsken team has worked to spread Each Mind Matters’ messages throughout various Asian communities across California. This week, we saw something happen, right here in our Sacramento neighborhood by a local student.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, a group of local students from Inderkum High School painted their support in a big way.   Led by Josh Hoong, as part of his senior project, the students painted the interactive, Authors of Our Own Destiny sculpture, a public artwork commonly known as “the book” on Del Paso Road, with the messages “We Believe Each Mind Matters” and “Be Part of the Change.”  Josh is also Solsken founder Anna Vue’s son.

Josh developed his mental health campaign with help from Each Mind Matters, led by social marketing firm, Runyon Saltzman Einhorn.   Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement meant to bring attention to those who want to end the stigma associated with mental illness and create a community where everyone feels comfortable to seek support when needed.  As part of their own pledge to promote mental health awareness and to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, Josh and his friends also educated other students during their lunch hour, recruiting their peers to hang lime green ribbons in the Inderkum High School atrium. About 200 students participated and made the pledge!

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in every four adults in America experiences mental illness in a given year.   Mental illness typically strikes young people in their most productive years, 16-25.  Families from all walks of life are affected regardless of age, race, income, religion or education.  These statistics sparked Josh's effort (it also helps that his mom and her firm is a advocate for such an important cause).

Seeing Josh take on a project on his own, a project that Solsken is passionate about, is reassuring that our work is important. It also highlights how our job isn't 8-5, it's a huge part of our life.


Busy October for the Solsken PR team, not to mention founder, Anna Vue recognized in Sac Magazine as remarkable woman entrepreneur

Added: 10/17/2014

Solsken Public Relations & Marketing’s founder and principal, Anna Vue was recently featured in Sacramento Magazine’s October 2014 issue as one of “Six Remarkable Women Entrepreneurs” in Sacramento.  The article highlights women who successfully built their own business from the ground up. If you missed it, here’s the short story. Anna was recognized for her remarkable work as a Community Marketing Professional and Organizer.  She’s among five other extraordinary women who took a radical leap in their careers to start a small business.

Anna started her firm in 2008 and brings more than a decade of public relations, community outreach and advertising expertise to her firm. Solsken offers expertise in providing a variety of communications counsel to a number of industry sectors. We have clients in a variety of industries including high-tech and professional associations but what really sets us apart is our experience in working within the underserved Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities. This doesn’t mean we’re not rock stars at pitching the latest technology trade publications or writing about the Internet infrastructure, it just means that we also are able to use our cultural experiences to make radical changes in our community.

Yesterday, I sat in a new client meeting. We just landed a three-year contract with the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch (NEOPB) in California. It’s really exciting for us to be part of the statewide Champion for Change movement to work toward improving the health status of low-income California’s families through increase of fruit and vegetable consumption and daily physical activity. Through this campaign, we have the opportunity to help our Hmong, Chinese and Vietnamese communities make changes that will improve their lives for years to come.

It’s through projects like these and our statewide effort to reduce mental health stigma and discrimination among our API communities that truly reflect the remarkable business that Anna has created. A business where we do what we enjoy and improve the lives of others. And, I’m thrilled to be a part of this journey!


Using Media Experience to Produce Results for Clients

Added: 01/03/2013

I had the pleasure of managing PR for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers’ 35th annual national conference in Fort Worth, Texas last month. The four-day conference gave Hispanic students and professionals a life-changing opportunity to network with some of the best engineers and corporations from across the United States in hopes of empowering them to enter the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

The conference was a huge success and drew in more than 4500 participants for its workshops, professional development sessions, networking events, awards banquet and career fair.

Having an opportunity to participate in the conference and seeing first-hand how the organization functioned was refreshing. With a background in broadcast media, it was nice to return to my roots as I walked through the career fair with my videographer, microphone in hand searching for a few students to interview for a video that Solsken was producing. It was gratifying to see scores of young people dressed in their best and eager to make a good impression. For many of them, interviewing with some of Fortune 500 companies was a dream come true. Roberto Brik from the University of Florida was among the 2700 attendees vying for a coveted position but it was his poise and self-belief that made him stand out from the rest.

“I think coming here with confidence and you know what you’re doing and you really trust your instinct, I think that’s what pays off and recruiters really love that,” said Brik.

Rebecca Giese, a student from Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, was impressed with the various corporations. “It’s definitely a lot of opportunity, there are so many companies to just get involved with and meet and greet and kind of see where I want to take my life in my next step,” said Giese.

The annual SHPE national conference is a breeding ground for corporations to recruit the best of Hispanic engineering and technical talent.For students like Brik and Giese, this may be their first conference but judging from this latest accomplishment, it won’t be their last.I miss my broadcasting career but I love public relations. With more than 10 years as a journalist, I am seeing now how valuable my skills have been in enabling me to produce results for my clients.Interviewing, producing videos and promoting a client’s event takes much more than your ability to pitch a reporter, it means getting into the weeds and producing your own news.

I look forward to the 2013 SHPE National Conference in Indianapolis!