Our Projects are Our Passion, Really

Added: 10/13/2015
by Cindy, Public Relations Manager

Making the transition from broadcast media to public relations has its pros and cons. While I miss broadcast media at times, what I get to witness on a daily makes it worthwhile. I get to say, without a doubt, that at Solsken, we mix our clients’ projects with our passion and everyone gets involved.

This month, we celebrate Mental Health month as a nation. The week of October 4-10 was Mental Health Awareness Week.   Here in California, hundreds of advocates came together to create awareness in their homes and communities to demonstrate their support for California's mental health movement, Each Mind Matters.  For the past three years, the Solsken team has worked to spread Each Mind Matters’ messages throughout various Asian communities across California. This week, we saw something happen, right here in our Sacramento neighborhood by a local student.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, a group of local students from Inderkum High School painted their support in a big way.   Led by Joshua Hoong, as part of his senior project, the students painted the interactive, Authors of Our Own Destiny sculpture, a public artwork commonly known as “the book” on Del Paso Road, with the messages “We Believe Each Mind Matters” and “Be Part of the Change.”  Joshua is also Solsken founder Anna Vue’s son.

Joshua developed his mental health campaign with help from Each Mind Matters, led by social marketing firm, Runyon Saltzman Einhorn.   Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement meant to bring attention to those who want to end the stigma associated with mental illness and create a community where everyone feels comfortable to seek support when needed.  As part of their own pledge to promote mental health awareness and to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, Josh and his friends also educated other students during their lunch hour, recruiting their peers to hang lime green ribbons in the Inderkum High School atrium. About 200 students participated and made the pledge!

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in every four adults in America experiences mental illness in a given year.   Mental illness typically strikes young people in their most productive years, 16-25.  Families from all walks of life are affected regardless of age, race, income, religion or education.  These statistics sparked Josh's effort (it also helps that his mom and her firm is a advocate for such an important cause).

Seeing Joshua take on a project on his own, a project that Solsken is passionate about, is reassuring that our work is important. It also highlights how our job isn't 8-5, it's a huge part of our life.