The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) provides an essential value to the nation, empowering the Hispanic community with awareness, access, support and development in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

SHPE's national conference is the organization's key opportunity to message publicly SHPE's value to the world, highlighting the positive impacts the organization has made to the community while preparing existing members to recruit new members. Moreover, the national conference provides SHPE the opportunity to demonstrate its leadership in STEM.

SHPE has been a client of Solsken's since 2012.


Solsken provides a range of communications and marketing services to SHPE. Our team has supported with fundraising, public relations, social media and event promotion. The largest component of our contract has been to support with the national conference, which runs annually for a week in locations across the U.S.
The primary objectives of our communications services are:

  • Promote the conference to drive registration
  • Promote the conference to position SHPE as a leading Hispanic STEM organization
  • Streamline communications to internal and external stakeholders


Working closely with SHPE's Events & Marketing team we develop a customized approach to ensure more than 5,000 Latino STEM students and professional converge for the largest Latino technical conference in the nation. This has included a wide range of tactics including instituting an email marketing campaign, through aggressive public relations and media relations support, social media and development of videos.


Based on Solsken's approach to marketing SHPE's national conference, we supported SHPE by driving more than 5,000 registrants to the national conference year after year. Our e-mail campaigns have produced up to a 42.2% open rate resulting in 9.5% click through, much higher than industry average. Solsken supported SHPE with an email campaign. Results indicated that on average, 30% of recipients saw the message being promoted.

Solsken's support with SHPE's social media also saw a jump in activity. For instance in 2013, Facebook averaged a reach of 400-900 reach per post. Conference events reached stakeholders in the thousands; such as the Extreme Engineering video reached 2,000, Career Fair Ribbon Cutting 1,400. Twitter was used throughout the conference and the #SHPE2013 along generated 1,258 tweets, October 31, 2013 was the height of activity with 364 tweets.


Through the use of marketing tactics that resonates with the target audience, and spending the time to uniquely identify what the audience wants us to serve them, we were able to adapt our e-blast campaign and social media to drive effective results year after year.

SHPE Videos
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